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Sejjal Purohit

I feel the most important attribute to look for in Yoga teacher is joy because Yoga is all about remembering your true divine nature, which is comprised of mostly bliss.
Because of you(Alka) I fell in love with Yoga I cannot express in words how much I am grateful to you. Apart from Yoga, you are the most humble & giving nature person I have ever come across in my life.
After delivery, from 90kgs to 60 kgs journey was impossible without you. You always inspire me to be a better human being so for me you are not only my Yoga teacher, you are my mentor, my strength & constant inspiration source.
You always bring smile & that the best thing you can bring in anyone’s life.

Julie Sharma

I join Yoga with alka in Nov 2018 and at that time my weight was 90kgs and I had started feeling the pressure of increased weight.
Amazingly, after 6 months of discipled Yoga, my weight has reduced by 16 kgs! All because of a very systematic and disciplined Yoga by my friend’s directions.
Alka is a great Yoga teacher and teaches to a perfection! Expert in all the ‘asanas’, She ensures that it is practiced in true spirit!!
Thanks Alka for letting me feel relaxed, energetic, lively and more confident

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