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This pranayam has very similar benefits like Shitali Pranayam. This is also a very cool pranayam gives your body internal coolness. Method : 1.    Sit comfortable in Padmasana (Crossed legs position) 2.    Keep your teeth together and place your tongue on your upper jaw 3.    Inhale through your mouth and feel the cool air passing through your teeth and throat 4.    Close your mouth and eyes and hold your breath for few seconds 5.    Exhale through your nose 6.    Repeat 5-10 times Benefits : It has very similar benefits like Shitali Pranayam. It brings down body temperature. If you are thirsty and at the place where no water is available, practice of this pranayam controls your thrust. Caution : This Pranayam should not be practiced in case of heavy cough or cold, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and low blood pressure.