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This is a very cool form of breathing. The regular practice of this pranayam cools down your mind and body. This specific is very useful in summer time. Method : 1.    Sit straight in Padmasana (Crossed legs position) 2.    Roll your tongue in a form of tube 3.    Breathe in through your tongue tube 4.    When you finish inhaling, draw your tongue in and hold your breath for while 5.    Exhale through your nose 6.    Repeat this practice 5-10 times Note : If not possible to make a tube with your tongue, go for Shitkari Pranayam which has similar benefits like  Shitali Breathing. Benefits : This practice helps to cooling down your mind and body.  The regular practice of this breathing style is helpful in reliving acidity, hypertension and purifying your blood. It gives natural glow on your face. Caution : This Pranayam should not be practiced in case of…

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