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Sarvangasana literally means a pose that exercises full body parts. The pose has significant benefits. It is Yoga’s inverted pose which extremely beneficial for entire body. The pose helps in conditions like, Hypothyroidism, hypertension, constipation and many others. The pose specifically stretches stress areas like neck and lower back. Method Lie down on your back, both arms by the side Raise your both legs to 90 degrees Lift your hips slowly and place your hands on the hips. Remember Sarvangasana is shoulder stand position so your body should rest on your shoulders and not on your back. Keep your feet straight without bending your knees. Stay in the position for 45-60 seconds, don’t force yourself Do not move your head while in the position Slowly place your hands again on the floor and return to 90 degree position Slowly come to the normal position and relax for few seconds. Benefits:…

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