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Benefits of Kapalbhati: It is one of the most important Pranayams. ‘Kapal’ means forehead and ‘Bhati’ means shining so the practice which gives you shiny face is “Kapalbhati’ pranayam. It balances a complete body. Daily practice of ‘Kapalbhati’ makes you permanent healthy. Helpful in : –    Thyroid –    Diabetes –    Stomach problems –    Snoring –    Obesity –    Asthma –    Bronchitis –    Piyaria –    Abdominal disorders –    Pancreas –    Liver –    Improves respiratory system –    Any skin disorder Precautions: –    Those with high blood pressure or heart problem should stricktly avoid this exercise. –    During pregnancy and menstruation this pranayam should be strictly avoided. –    Patients should not practice this exercise during asthma attack. –    Stop immediately in case of any discomfort. Method 1.    Sit comfortably in Padmasana (Crossed leg position) with straight back. Place your                hands on knees facing sky. 2.    Take a deep breathe through…

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