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Dhanurasana is a very nice back strengthening exercise. This exercise concentrates on flexibility of your spinal cord. It is part of Hatha yoga poses which mainly focuses on weight reduction and rigorous poses. Do not stretch so much that your body start feeling uncomfortable. Do it slowly and gently and enjoy the benefit of this beautiful Bow pose. Method : 1. Lie flat on your stomach 2. Bend both your legs and hold your ankle with your hands 3. Raise your legs upwards in a way that your thighs are off the floor 4. Slowly lift your head, shoulders and chest from the floor 5. Your body will look like a bow when you rest your full body on your stomachwith the arched spine 6. Hold for 15-30 seconds 7. Repeat 2-3 times Benefits : 1. It improves digestion 2. Strengthens spine and thigh muscles 3. Stretches neck, shoulders and…

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