Rules of Pranayama

 Like any other exercise, Pranayama should be performed in empty stomach Pranayama should be performed before Asanas (Physical Yoga poses) or any other physical exercise Pranayama should be performed sitting in Padmasana, Sidhasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana Initially start with 5-10 minutes of Pranayama exercise and gradually increase the time. Do not retain your breathe so …

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Rules of Yoga

Like any other exercise, Yoga should be practiced empty stomach. In case you had food, wait for atleast 3 hours before practicing. Relax for 10 seconds atleast after each yoga expercise. Do not exert. Avoid excessive intake of tea or coffee when you are practicing yoga. Wear loose and comfortable clothes for practicing yoga. Like …

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Kapalbhati Pranayam

Benefits of Kapalbhati: It is one of the most important Pranayams. ‘Kapal’ means forehead and ‘Bhati’ means shining so the practice which gives you shiny face is “Kapalbhati’ pranayam. It balances a complete body. Daily practice of ‘Kapalbhati’ makes you permanent healthy. Helpful in : –    Thyroid –    Diabetes –    Stomach problems –    Snoring …

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