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Sinhasana means Lion pose. In this position we roar like a lion. This position is helpful in regularizing tonsils, thyroid and other throat problems. This position even detoxifies your body and a very good form of facial exercise. Method : 1. Sit with your knees bent and spread the knees 2. Place your hands on your knees 3. Take a deep breathe and retain your breathe for few seconds 4. Exhale forcefully with a roaring sound like a lion and take your tongue out and open your eyes to  the   maximum with raised eyebrows 5. Repeat this 4-5 times 6. Massage your throat after finishing Sinhasana pose

Thyroid gland is a tiny gland located in the neck which regulates body’s metabolism. The gland is responsible for the production or secretion of  thyroxine (T4). Hypothyroidism is a condition when thyroid gland fails to produce sufficient thyroxine for body’s requirement. Yoga can be of tremendous help to regulate the under-active thyroid gland. There are specific yoga poses which helps to massage endocrine functions and regulates their functions. The best pose that improves thyroid function is called ‘Shoulder Stand’ pose. There are many other excellent asanas in Yoga which stimulates thyroid gland. Sarvangasana Dhanurasan Shashankasana Matsyasana Sinhasana Ustrasana Ujjayi Pranama Note : The Yoga poses referred here should only be used as alternative treatment and not as a substitute to medicine.

Sarvangasana literally means a pose that exercises full body parts. The pose has significant benefits. It is Yoga’s inverted pose which extremely beneficial for entire body. The pose helps in conditions like, Hypothyroidism, hypertension, constipation and many others. The pose specifically stretches stress areas like neck and lower back. Method Lie down on your back, both arms by the side Raise your both legs to 90 degrees Lift your hips slowly and place your hands on the hips. Remember Sarvangasana is shoulder stand position so your body should rest on your shoulders and not on your back. Keep your feet straight without bending your knees. Stay in the position for 45-60 seconds, don’t force yourself Do not move your head while in the position Slowly place your hands again on the floor and return to 90 degree position Slowly come to the normal position and relax for few seconds. Benefits:…

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Dhanurasana is a very nice back strengthening exercise. This exercise concentrates on flexibility of your spinal cord. It is part of Hatha yoga poses which mainly focuses on weight reduction and rigorous poses. Do not stretch so much that your body start feeling uncomfortable. Do it slowly and gently and enjoy the benefit of this beautiful Bow pose. Method : 1. Lie flat on your stomach 2. Bend both your legs and hold your ankle with your hands 3. Raise your legs upwards in a way that your thighs are off the floor 4. Slowly lift your head, shoulders and chest from the floor 5. Your body will look like a bow when you rest your full body on your stomachwith the arched spine 6. Hold for 15-30 seconds 7. Repeat 2-3 times Benefits : 1. It improves digestion 2. Strengthens spine and thigh muscles 3. Stretches neck, shoulders and…

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This pranayam has very similar benefits like Shitali Pranayam. This is also a very cool pranayam gives your body internal coolness. Method : 1.    Sit comfortable in Padmasana (Crossed legs position) 2.    Keep your teeth together and place your tongue on your upper jaw 3.    Inhale through your mouth and feel the cool air passing through your teeth and throat 4.    Close your mouth and eyes and hold your breath for few seconds 5.    Exhale through your nose 6.    Repeat 5-10 times Benefits : It has very similar benefits like Shitali Pranayam. It brings down body temperature. If you are thirsty and at the place where no water is available, practice of this pranayam controls your thrust. Caution : This Pranayam should not be practiced in case of heavy cough or cold, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and low blood pressure.